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What is involved in a physiotherapy assessment?

During your initial physiotherapy appointment you will first be asked to complete a registration document and consent form. If you’re attending from an insurance referral we ask that you bring photo I.D with you to your appointment.

The physiotherapist will then complete a subjective assessment which involves a question and answer session to obtain the history of your symptoms and any medical information we may require.

Following this a physical examination of the injured area is undertaken to enable an accurate diagnosis to be made.

After this your physiotherapist will explain in full your diagnosis and suggested treatment plan. Alongside completing a short (15 minute) treatment this may consist of exercise prescription as well as manual therapies but this will be discussed with you prior to commencing.

What should I wear?

Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing i.e. vest/shorts depending on the area being assessed as your therapist will need to see the area in order to accurately diagnose your problem.

If you forget to wear appropriate clothing do not worry, instead the therapist may ask you to remove or lift up any items of clothing hindering the view of the injured area.

Any clients wishing to bring a chaperone are more than welcome. Please call us prior to your appointment if you would like further clarification on the above.

How long will it take for my symptoms to recover?

Everyone is different and therefore may respond differently to treatment, majority of cases would expect to see some alleviation of symptoms after the first session.

However depending on the length of time symptoms have been present and severity of symptoms it may take a few sessions to notice a substantial difference in pain levels.

We do advise it is likely pain will increase slightly before improving following treatment due to the temporary inflammatory effects. This is nothing to worry about and we will always request feedback from your treatment at your next appointment to ensure you are on track for recovery.


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