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Swedish/Relaxation Massage:

Swedish massage is one of the most common massage techniques and involves applying long, even, and gentle pressure to the body to ease tension in the superficial muscles. This technique is much more soothing and softer than our other massages. It is designed to reduce light stress and alleviate tension. It can also improve circulation and lymphatic return to enable body detoxification, improved muscle tone and promote overall relaxation in the body. If you suffer with stress, need help relaxing, or want to ease away tensions then a Swedish massage would be beneficial.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but uses slower and firmer pressure to ease and release deep tension within your muscles. There are many techniques incorporated into this style of massage and it works by increasing blood flow and oxygen within the muscle tissues to assist in reducing tension and removing toxins especially for very sore and strained muscles. Deep tissue massage is useful for pain relief in chronic aches and pains, postural pain, neck, lower back, and tight leg muscles.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is a massage technique which involves a combination of deep tissue techniques aimed at manipulating soft tissue to increase blood flow, alleviate tendon or muscle pain. It can also reduce any stress or toxins usually associated with chronic pain or exercise to prevent injury and promote efficient recovery.

This method is a stronger more specific technique of massage which helps to stimulate circulation and lymph fluids. It involves more advanced techniques such as trigger point release and myofascial stretching alongside deep pressure into the treatment area. Sports massage can be beneficial for alleviating tight muscular tension, reducing, and removing adhesions within muscle tissue (knots), reducing pain and increasing flexibility. It is especially beneficial for not just sporting individuals but also for people with chronic pain, people with sedentary lifestyles or marked restrictions in range of movement and flexibility.

There are 3-4 types of sports massage which are:-

Pre-event sports massage involves a short, stimulating massage 15-45 minutes before an event e.g. marathon or sporting event and it is directed towards the body parts that will be involved in the exercise. This is designed to prepare the muscles for strenuous activity.

Post-event sports massage which is carried out within 1-2 hours post event/activity to help to return the muscles involved back to their pre-event state. This is designed to support speedy recovery and enable a quicker return to exercise following this.

Rehabilitative sports massage is the most common type and is aimed at alleviating pain due to injury and returning the body to its natural state of pain free function. Clients most commonly attend for this reason to ensure they can resume exercise at their best and with reduced risk of future injury.

Maintenance sports massage is commonly used as a preventative method for reducing the risk of future injuries and maintaining flexibility to enable improved function and relief of pain.

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