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Post Operative Rehabilitation

Post Operative Rehabilitation


Post-Operative recovery can be very difficult physically and mentally. Surgery places the body under high stress and can leave muscles weakened and energy levels low. Post-operative rehabilitation is a specialist treatment designed to support individuals with recovery in a graded way ensuring safe progression to full function. We utilise our experience of surgical procedures and rehabilitation protocols to ensure muscles recover their strength, joints recover range of movement and improving joint mobility to restore function.

We treat individuals following both minor or major surgical procedures, having worked closely with a number of London and Kent consultants we’re able to ensure the adequate treatment to enable to the right amount of improvements at the correct stages of recovery.
Our treatment packages are designed to facilitate recovery at all stages of the post-operative recovery, we focus on key important steps such as:

  • Reducing the pain and swelling/oedema as much as possible through massage, ice/cold therapy and passive movements.
  • Increasing the mobility of the joints by using passive than active mobilisation through tailored exercises.
  • Enhancing the flexibility of the joints, muscles and tendons through further exercise rehabilitation with or without therapist overpressure and passive stretches.
  • Educating and retraining the specific muscles in order to gain strength and provide stability to the affected joint.
  • Working on mobility and gait rehabilitation if the lower limb is involved.
  • Regaining the co-ordination and proprioception of the joints by retraining the receptive sensors contained in the joints to avoid any future injury.

Most postoperative recovery times for complex procedures vary from 6-12 weeks, some smaller operations such as minimal arthroscopies can see a full recovery in just 4 weeks.

This can vary from time to time depending on the body’s natural healing processes and with/without postoperative complications. Recovery after surgery can be a challenge but with guided support through our rehabilitation packages, you can achieve a successful recovery.

Please see our price/packages for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us to start your package now.

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