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Software development

How Microsoft’s HoloLens Works Its Holographic Magic

Contents What’s the Difference Between Microsoft Hololens, Oculus Rift and Google Glass?Twitter will let businesses keep their gold checkmarks — for $1,000 per monthMicrosoft's HoloLens explained: How it works and why it's differentSensors Sensing Sensibly See the user’s hands through cameras, additionally recognizing the gestures. Also, Hololens has 4 environment-understanding cameras that analyze the environment around you, define the surfaces and objects. The goggles also have a camera that looks at the room, so the HoloLens knows where tables, chairs and other objects are. It then uses that information to project 3D images on top of and even inside them --...

OpenSIPS Security Audit Report is fully disclosed and out there Communication Breakdown VoIP & WebRTC Security

During this step, select the tools and methodologies required to meet the business objectives. Find or create an appropriate questionnaire or survey to gather the correct data for your audit. Avoid square pegging tools into the round holes of your requirements and one-size-fits-all surveys. This is a management process that is similar to the technical exercise of a vulnerability scan. The IT security audit extends beyond a check of all software settings to working practices and issues such as user security awareness. As a business owner, you have to understand the risk and threats your business faces every day. Cybersecurity audits...

Internet Of Things Iot Services, Iot Solutions, Enterprise Iot

СодержаниеFour Types Of Computing To Launch Your Iot ProjectsIotWhat Is The Internet Of Things?precision: Principles, Practices And Solutions For The Internet Of Things By Timothy ChouThe Internet GatewayUnderstanding The Internet Of Things Iot Some network security doesn’t have the ability to detect IoT devices connected to it and/or the visibility to know what devices are communicating through the network. The Internet of Things presents vast opportunities in almost every industry. From remotely controlling crop irrigation to finding health issues in a person before they present to connected cars, IoT is exploding with opportunities and revenue. TIBCO empowers its customers to connect,...

Four Key Field Service Metrics You Should Be Tracking

ContentDay Zero Service Mesh: Opportunities, Obstacles, And SidecarsDora Four Key Metrics Accelerate BookKey Metric #4: Customer Satisfaction ScoresLearning From The Accelerate four Key MetricsBrowse By Team Type Overall, this is an evaluation of efficiency in the development process. If teams are hindered by technical debt, slow deployment cycles, or burdensome approval hurdles, this will be reflected in a longer change lead time. The same practices that enable shorter lead times — test automation, trunk-based development, and working in small batches — correlate with a reduction in change failure rates. These are well-known and easy to adopt techniques, but we found them onerous...