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17 high-paying side jobs you can do in your spare time

Before looking into full-time or part time work from home jobs, check if your insurance policy covers your remote job. If you’re not sure, you can call your insurer and ask him to explain what your policy covers and whether you’ll need a new one.

highest paying jobs you can do remotely

You will need to check any relevant rules and regulations that may restrict your ability to rent out rooms – some cities have introduced specific rules around short-term rentals. The relevant sites have useful information on getting started as a host. Event planners arrange and coordinate professional meetings and events. They may be responsible for selecting the location, booking transport and managing other elements such as entertainment and catering. Much of this can be done from home over the phone or online, but it is likely some travel will be needed too. If you have young children, setting up as a childminder can give you the freedom to keep your own children with you while earning a wage caring for others. Childminders must undertake a training course approved by their local authority and are required to register with OFSTED.

Ironing service – estimated £23,040 salary

You can start a job search for remote work here and discover the average Graphic Designer salary. IT directors are responsible for a company’s IT infrastructure and its day-to-day management. An IT director manages the IT team as business needs are met through the development of technical projects and systems. A hedge fund manager is responsible for overseeing a hedge fund, making investment decisions, and making investments for their clients. Investment analysis, meeting clients, and building investment models are part of the role. They typically work for private equity firms, banks, or asset managers. Nutritionists can work from home, usually with the assistance of a computer and dedicated office space.

  • Always select the “remote” option under location to filter through US-based postings.
  • The starting point should always be to work out whether you can afford to set up as self-employed.
  • Learn how to market your skillset and show clients why you’re the perfect person for the job.
  • If you are specialized in accounting, you can apply for a remote online accountant job position.

For the majority of remote jobs mentioned here, you could work as an employee or as a self-employed professional if you set up your own business. Working Nomads is a free newsletter subscription for digital nomads. By signing up, you’ll receive a curated list of remote highest paying virtual jobs jobs in your inbox every day or week. While you can find a range of location independent jobs on the website, the postings skew towards software developers. Graphic designers earn an excellent average salary and require a broad range of skills and understanding.

Use assessments to enhance your learning process

If one finds themselves especially gifted at finding and planning the best holidays, especially on a budget, this can easily be turned into a lucrative income by becoming a remote travel agent. Survey websites such as Survey Spotter and apps like Curious Cat only require a few minutes of one’s time to complete a survey on a variety of topics. How about offering your services as an online doc; lastly, this opportunity is for nurses, doctors, and anyone trained in the hospice field. You can make money working as an online consultant prescribing remedies to common ailments. You also answer questions on forums like Quora, and by so doing, you may be lucky to find patients who desperately need your expertise. Don’t be a quack though; you have to be sufficiently qualified to work as an online nurse or doctor. You probably have valuable items or space that you don’t use daily.

  • People who are fluent in more than one language can find themselves in demand as translators for public or private sector organisations.
  • Separately, recent research from enei and HR DataHub also suggested that more people will continue to work from home despite Johnson’s call for workers to return to offices.
  • Those who have special skills in areas that are currently in demand can, for example, work for platforms like Academized.
  • If one finds themselves especially gifted at finding and planning the best holidays, especially on a budget, this can easily be turned into a lucrative income by becoming a remote travel agent.
  • Many companies choose to outsource the development to freelance markets nowadays.
  • If you can never get off Instagram, constantly scrolling Twitter and understand the importance of ‘going viral’ then social media marketing could be the job for you.

Pay varies, and may sometimes come in the form of a gift voucher rather than cash, but this can be a useful and flexible way to make some money on the side. You can sign up with companies such as Research Opinions to receive information about opportunities. The internet has transformed the travel industry, which has opened up a potentially profitable path for people looking to work from home.

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