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How to Become a Java Developer: Everything You Need to Know Golden Technology

It’s also the Java developer’s responsibility to maintain the program architecture. For example, if an application is being used by more people, it needs to be able to handle the increased traffic without crashing. An object is a piece of data that has certain characteristics, and it can perform certain actions. Get great deals on developer and Linux training courses, Microsoft Office licenses and more through these TechRepublic Academy offerings.

how to become a Java Developer SE 7

The second part is the build tool, which you need to build and deploy your projects like Maven and Gradle. For all new Java projects, prefer Gradle, it’s much more concise than Maven. The HTTP protocol is the backbone of the web, and a good knowledge of both HTTP and HTTPS is mandatory for a web developer. At least you should know about how HTTP works and what are different HTTP methods and their purposes etc. Anyway, I am finally ready to share my Java developer RoadMap with you. This Roadmap contains my years of experience and the unobstructed path of how to become a Java expert. You may take care of both the technical and artistic aspects of the project, allowing you to create an application with total creative freedom.

Learn Hibernate and Spring Frameworks

To earn certification, candidates must register and pay a fee to take the exam, which is offered at testing centers throughout the country. Never underestimate the power of Java certification, there are many Java job positions where consultants are only looking for Oracle certified Java developers. Learn Java and Programming through articles, code examples, and tutorials for developers of all levels. The exams typically have questions which are to be answered in 90 minutes. They are multiple-choice, often asking you to pick 2 of 5 answers, or 3 of 5. According to the popular job portal, the average salary of a junior Java developer who has 0 to 2 years’ experience may get $600 per year and the senior Java developer in the US may get $85000 to $ per year. As an application developer, you just need to know the API as all vendors provide an implementation of those APIs.

Can I become Java developer after 12th?

Courses to become Java Developer in India

To become a Java Developer after Graduation one has to do B.E./B. Tech. /BCA/B.Sc. in Computer Science and after this one has to do some courses such as JavaScript, Java Virtual Machine, Enterprise Java Beans, database SQL and JDBC, Oracle, XML, Data structures, XSL, X query.

Java developers need to be able to explain their needs and understand the limitations of the system. It’s also important for Java developers to keep security and performance in mind when they are writing code.


He has seven years of on-the-job experience building features for massive enterprise Java servers, and over four years of teaching those skills to new developers. As a Java developer you will join one of our multinational Scrum teams to create state-of-the-art software solutions. Teams are composed of five to ten developers, a Scrum Master and a Product Owner. We are committed to following a Agile way of working, with sprints and demos every two weeks, aiming for frequent releases of working software.

On the employment market, front-end and back-end developers are plentiful. However, engineers that can work on all three layers of development (front-end, back-end, and middleware/database) are still in short supply. As a result, full-stack developers are in high demand in the market. Furthermore, it is vital to keep up with new trends in developing technologies on a continual basis. This knowledge and skill set will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

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There is no doubt that every programmer should know Git and Github as they are the standard in terms of version control and code repository. If you want to learn and master Design Patterns, particularly OOP Design patterns then I suggest you join the Design Patterns in Java course by Dmitri Nestruk on Udemy. This is a great course to learn the modern implementation of classic design patterns in Java. This is another common tech skill that every Java developer should learn as it will help you to troubleshoot backend issues. If you know SQL you can understand the stored procedure, query database, and find out whether the issue is in the Java layer or Database layer. Full-stack development refers to the method of applying both front-end and back development protocols to develop websites.

  • Java certification is a great way to learn and master the Java programming language, do well on the interview and get recognition in the job, but the most common reason for doing Java certification is to find a job.
  • If you want to go for Java SE 8 certification and need a resource then I highly recommendComplete Java SE 8 Developer Bootcamp – OCA Prep Included course on Udemy.
  • The full stack Java trends for 2022 won’t be the same as those next year.
  • JavaScript is the best tool for full-stack developers who want to create great websites and online apps.

One of the most widely used programming languages among programmers is Java. Versatility, speed, platform independence, and a highly secure environment are all advantages. Many programmers make a goal to learn a new programming language, a new framework, a new library, a new tool, or to get some certifications under the belt to make themselves more valuable. I have shared some of them in the updated The 2022 Java Developer RoadMap, just in case if you need some inspiration. The Hibernate framework is a set of libraries that are used for developing Java applications that access databases. In addition, Java developers need to be able to work with different teams in order to create a cohesive application. For example, they might need to work with the front-end development team to ensure that the user interface is consistent with the rest of the application.


If you want to become an Oracle Certified Professional in 2022 then go buy the voucher now. Now, you may ask is there any scenario when going for Java SE 8 certification over Java SE 11 certification makes sense? Well, If you are giving Java certification to get How to Migrate from NET MVC 5 Developer? 1108 a job or improve your chances over other candidates, then it’s essential to have a certification under your belt, even if it’s not the latest one. We provide services customized for your needs at every step of your learning journey to ensure your success.

  • Adding Java certification to your resume can enhance your credibility and improve your chances of gaining an interview.
  • The national average salary for java developers is $88,475, but with the right certifications and experience, they can make up to $114,000.
  • Some of the most popular IDEs for Java include Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.
  • After Finishing Core Java Start learning Java EE which is also known as Advanced Java.

The technical skill includes the technology-specific skill whereas the professional skill includes the common software development Junior Front-End Developer Job Description Template skill. The Java Developer job gives you the opportunity to work on important projects, using the latest technologies.

What Are Java Developers Responsible for?

Learn about the new features available with macOS 13 and how to download and install the latest version of Apple’s flagship operating system. The technologies could enable immersive experiences, What does a front-end developer do? accelerated AI automation and optimized technologist delivery in the next two to 10 years, according to the firm. You can also check the minimum score requirement to pass each exam here.

This is another framework I recommend every Java developer to learn in 2022 and going forward. Spring Boot took Spring’s philosophy of simplification and made it easy to work with Spring itself. Just like Spring makes it easier to create a Java application, Spring Boot makes it easier to create a spring-based Java application. Spring Framework encourages writing clean code, which is easier to test and maintain by providing you with features like Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control. It also has a rich API for most of the day-to-day tasks, and that’s why every Java developer should learn the Spring framework.

Project Management

Java is used in a wide variety of computing platforms from embedded devices and mobile phones to enterprise servers and supercomputers. Java applets, which are less common than standalone Java applications, were commonly run in secure, sandboxed environments to provide many features of native applications through being embedded in HTML pages. For the software package downloaded from, see Java SE. For other uses, see Java . Many developers make the mistake of going after OCPJP 11 to get certified in one attempt, but it’s a difficult exam to crack, especially compared to OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8.

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